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Eliminate Hiring Problems

Hiring and Retention Services

Whether it's a Driver Recruitment Strategy designed to hire fast and on mass, or a senior position that requires headhunting. We create and implement hiring strategies that get results.

Our hiring and retention team deliver tailored hiring strategies that attract the talent your business needs while reducing time to hire and cost to hire. Then we focus on helping you keep them.

We don't operate like recruitment agencies, instead we provide a full recruitment process outsourcing solution. See us as more of an extension of your internal team.

Our Hiring services have filled the hiring quotas of some of the UK's leading Transport and Logistics brands.

Hiring Challenges Consultation

Eliminate hiring problems.

Recruitment within the Transport and Logistics industry can be a challenge. An oversaturated job market for drivers and a shortage of talent for office based roles, mean that every recruitment effort has to count.

Our hiring specialists will assess your current recruitment challenges and build a solution that enables you to attract and engage more talent, fast.

Employer Branding Strategy

Become the employer of choice.

A good employer brand attracts and engages better candidates. Businesses who invest in their employer branding have a 3x higher chance of making a quality hire.

Our specialists will develop a process that includes ensuring that candidates go through a positive experience, promoting your company culture on social media and ensuring staff feel valued.

Hiring Process Optimisation

Say goodbye to bottlenecks.

Optimising your strategy and building an engaged talent base of applicants will keep potential candidates on your speed dial. A hiring strategy that gets you the best talent for your head office may not be effective finding talent for your distribution hub.

Our hiring specialists will take a look at your hiring strategy from beginning to end with a focus on reducing time to hire and cost per hire.

Specialist Hiring Tools

Supercharge & automate your hiring.

Our hiring team use specialist recruitment tools to breakdown complex hiring pipelines, coordinate hiring tasks and streamline the recruitment process.

We’ve even custom built our own hiring platform that automates elements of the hiring process saving us time and you money, allowing us to funnel more resources into the labour-intensive aspects of talent acquisition.

Your Virtual Recruitment Team

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions are tailor-made to meet your needs. We can provide support & expertise at every stage of the talent acquisition process.

Support Level


    Talent Acquisition & Shortlisting

    The RPO components that put applicants into the hands of hiring managers.

    • Understand the requirements of the roles

    • Create job descriptions

    • Advertise the roles onlne - Website, Socials & Jobs Boards

    • Manage Applications

    • Shortlist Applicants

    • Send CV to the Hiring Manager to contact


    Fully Managed Recruitment

    We will own and manage the entire recruitment lifecycle.

    • Understand the requirements of the roles

    • Create job descriptions

    • Advertise the roles onlne - Website, Socials & Jobs Boards

    • Manage Applications

    • Shortlist Applicants

    • Contact the shortlisted candidates

    • Telephone pre-screen the candidates

    • Organise interview date with hiring manager

    • Set up block interviews

    • Pass interview schedule to Hiring Manager

    • Hire / Pass

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